Recently, our blog noted how Sixt had decided to make their fleet on Sardinia entirely based on Mini and BMW vehicles. After all, Sixt has a reputation for offering truly elite vehicles while competitors (such as Hertz) have a reputation from offering less-than-elite vehicles. Hertz decided to step up their game in Italy (including Sardinia) by adding exclusive offerings from legendary Italian automaker Maserati. Renters in Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, and Olbia will -- over the next year -- have the opportunity to book the Maserati Quattroporte, Ghibli, or Levante. And while it's not the first time modern Maseratis have been available in the rental fleet -- some National locations in the U.S. offered the Ghibli -- this is a relatively widespread offer where those Italian Hertz locations have the rights to rent Maserati vehicles. There's just one thing -- Hertz is offering the vehicles but there's really not a plan for renting the vehicles. What do we mean?

We would be happy to book a Maserati!

Why Is the Offer Only Scheduled for One Year?

Rental car companies need to purchase new cars and remarket (sell) used rental cars before they completely depreciate, especially cars that can cost close to $100,000! Hertz would be taking a substantial risk in the offering of Maserati vehicles; setting the rates too low and utilization getting too high means the vehicles would depreciate rapidly. Conversely, the rental car company could get a lot of publicity for their tie-in with Maserati and set the rates so high the vehicles are rarely driven (minimizing depreciation). It appears Hertz has decided upon the latter option (high prices, low utilization rates) like some of their other high-end collections. Our team has frequently been arriving at airports, walked past Hertz's "Dream Cars" Collection, then seen the exact same vehicles in the same spots when we return our rentals!

Condensed version -- Hertz gets a lot of positive publicity for offering awesome vehicles but is unwilling to give away these Italian-crafted rentals for cheap! For instance, we found the Levante available in Olbia, Sardinia (an expensive locale, for sure) but the cost for the Levante in the Selezione Italia was $1,013.76 euro per day, no matter the day. 

At this rate, Hertz wouldn't need to rent the vehicle often!

The rates are even worse in Rome, where the Ghibli priced out at 1056.18 euro for the same single day, every day, even after incorporating the USAA "discount"!

And that's with the USAA discount!

Our Take

Hertz got a lot of mileage with their announcement of offering Maseratis. Yet we know AutoSlash users are not going to get a lot of mileage out of the rentals when prices are more than 1,000 euro per day! And even if we could convince a station manager to give us a Maserati for a not-entirely-abusive surcharge, we would still have to deal with the insurance ramifications of driving such an expensive vehicle on roadways -- remember that one's personal insurance or credit card protection is unlikely to cover any potential damage to such an expensive, exotic rental car!

So while we would love to pick up a "cheap" Maserati during a vacation to Italy, we know Hertz isn't going to allow that to happen. Yet our team always stands ready to help with other fun-to-drive vehicles! Click below to request quotes and we'll send you the best available offers within minutes.

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