cheap one-way car rentals

Looking for an inexpensive rental car for a one-way trip? If you're lucky, your route and timing will allow you to snag a great deal based on the annual migration of rental car fleets.

Twice a year, major rental car companies need to shift their fleets to destinations where demand is greatest. In the spring, rental companies move cars out of Florida to the Northeast and from Arizona to top summer destinations on the West Coast. In the fall, the migration is reversed, with cars going back to Florida and Arizona for the winter. You can often score a great deal on a one-way rental during "drive-out" promotions, depending on where you live and where you're heading.

There's also another way to find great one-way rental car deals called Transfercar.


Transfercar for Cheap One-Way Car Rentals


Think of Transfercar as a for rental car companies who need a car moved and drivers looking for a dirt-cheap—as in, practically free—price for a one-way trip. The site is designed to offer a win-win scenario for both sides.

Established in 2008 in New Zealand, with its North American headquarters in Missoula, Montana, Transfercar's business model is predicated on providing significant savings to rental companies by driving down the cost of repositioning their fleets. As of fall of 2017, the company worked with 130 rental operator companies worldwide.

The value proposition for drivers is a "low to no" rental fee. Transfercar has moved over 80,000 vehicles to date.

The downside to Transfercar is inconsistency. Sometimes you can visit the site and see few if any available cars; other times there are many choices. It's hit or miss. When you catch a miss, be sure to ask AutoSlash for a quote on a cheap one-way car rental.


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