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If you spend a lot of time on the road and love watching the latest flicks, a movie theater subscription can be a money-saving idea. But not all plans are created equal. Here's a comparison of options for film lovers on the go:




Price: $9.95 per month
Number of movies: 3 per month
Participating theaters: Many major theater brands
Premium tickets: No 3D or IMAX
Concessions: Not included

MoviePass lets subscribers see three movies a month for a flat $9.95-per-month subscription—which is a tremendous value, since most movie theaters charge at least $10 to see a single film.

The process is straightforward: You sign up for Movie Pass. You get charged $9.95 a month. You receive a MoviePass debit card in the mail and use the MoviePass app to find a movie you want to see in a theater near you. MoviePass transfers the full price of the movie ticket to the debit card so you can buy the ticket at the theater. You get a ticket and watch the movie. You can repeat this process two more times in any given month.

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The bad news is that MoviePass appears to be going out of business. When the company drastically lowered its price last year, it seemed too good to be true—and now it looks like maybe it was. Recently MoviePass raised its prices and limited the selection of available movie titles, which has angered customers and caused its stock price to tumble. For now, MoviePass is hanging in there, but for how long is anyone's guess.


AMC Stubs A-List


Price: $19.95 per month
Number of movies: 3 per week
Participating theaters: AMC only
Premium tickets: 3D and IMAX allowed
Concessions: Some perks, like free popcorn refills

In June 2018, the largest theater chain launched AMC Stubs A-List. This plan costs about twice as much as MoviePass, but lets you see four times as many movies per month and includes a lot of features that MoviePass does not. For example, subscribers can buy a ticket in advance, see the same movie more than once, and even buy tickets to 3D and IMAX films.


Cinemark Movie Club


Price: $8.99 per month
Number of movies: 1 per month
Participating theaters: Cinemark Theatres
Premium tickets: 3D and IMAX not allowed
Concessions: 20% discount

Like AMC's subscription plan, Cinemark Movie Club is tied to one theater chain. While this plan only lets you see one film per month, but you can buy two additional tickets per transaction for $8.99 each—which is less than the price of most movie tickets these days. There is also a nice discount on concessions.




Price: Multiple Classic and Elite plans priced $3.99-$14.99 per month
Number of movies: 1 to 3 per month, depending on plan
Participating theaters: Many major theater brands
Premium tickets: 3D and IMAX allowed with Elite plans
Concessions: Not included

Like MoviePass, Sinemia is not tied to one particular theater chain. But unlike MoviePass, Sinemia offers five different plans for a wide flexibility. Subscribers off all plans can buy tickets in advance, and Elite plan subscribers can buy tickets to 3D and IMAX films.

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