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Shopping online for a rental car can be a confusing process. We all want a cheap car rental, but don't always know how to get the best price. One of the first choices you'll face is when to pay. When you make a reservation, you might choose to simply provide your contact information and pay for the car at the counter when you pick up the car. Alternatively, you can opt for a prepaid, non-cancellable rental in which you pay up front in full when you make the reservation. Is it a good idea to prepay for a car rental? Or do you get a better deal by paying later?

In most cases, you'll get a better deal by booking a publicly available discounted "Pay Later" rate and then watching for price drops. If you get locked into a prepaid rate, you risk missing out on a better deal.


No Shows and Prepaid Rental Cars


The no-show rate in the car rental industry as a whole can approach 30 percent. That means that up to one-third of people who make a reservation for a car rental will not pick it up. To protect themselves, car rental companies must overbook in order to get close to renting the majority of vehicles available. But it can backfire. This is one reason you may show up with a confirmed reservation, only to be told that there are no cars available, or none in the class that you reserved.

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No shows happen because most car rental reservations are not secured with a credit card. This means that there is no consequence if someone books a rental car and then fails to show up to claim it. The industry has grappled with no shows for some time, which led it to introduce a prepaid model. Prepayment provides financial accountability for the renter to actually show up for their rental. If the customer doesn't show, then they are either charged a penalty or they forfeit the entire amount paid.


How Car Rental Companies Get You to Prepay


When booking a vehicle online, you'll sometimes see two prices—one for "Pay Later" and one for "Pay Now". Not every rental company offers a "Pay Now" or prepaid option, and typically not on every vehicle category. Yet when this option is available, the price will typically be 5 to 15 percent lower than the standard rate.

By paying some or the entire rental cost up-front, you're signaling to the rental car company that you'll show up for the rental. In return, the car rental company gives you a bit of a discount as a reward for taking some of the risk out of equation.

If your plans are firm, then a 15-percent discount might be a tempting offer, but it's important to keep a few things in mind before hitting the "Pay Now" button. First, if you decide to cancel your reservation, you'll usually be hit with a cancellation fee. One major rental company website states that if you cancel your reservation more than 24 hours before pickup time, you'll be charged a $25 cancellation fee. Cancel within 24 hours, and you'll be charged a $50 cancellation fee. If you don't show, you'll forfeit the entire amount paid.

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The other thing to know about a prepaid rate is that the discount is typically off the published rate only. If you apply a discount code or coupon, the "Pay Now" option often disappears. You'd be wise to check the rental company website for coupons and compare other discount codes for which you might be eligible.


Prepaid Car Rentals on Opaque Websites


Sites like Priceline and Hotwire are what are known as "opaque" booking sites, because they offer discounted rates in exchange for payment in full up-front. You don't find out which rental car company you've booked until after you've paid. With Priceline, you usually have to bid for your rental, while Hotwire gives you an up-front price.

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Certainly there are deals to be had here, but the major drawback is that the policies are even more restrictive than if you book directly with the rental companies. For example, you may encounter language like this:

"Rentals are final and cannot be cancelled, refunded, changed, exchanged or transferred. Your account will be charged for the total price shown, regardless of whether the reservation is used."

Naturally, rental car companies love prepaid bookings because it's guaranteed money in the bank. From a consumer's perspective, the attractiveness really depends on how good a deal is being offered, and whether you're certain you'll be able to make trip as planned. For a small discount, it may not be worthwhile, But if the price differential is large, prepaying may be tempting. It's important to evaluate all of your options before making a decision in order to get the best deal.


Does It Make Sense to Prepay for a Rental Car?


Prepaying for your rental, either through the rental company's website or through one of the opaque booking sites can offer you a discount off the standard rate. Typically the discounts offered by the opaque sites tend to be more aggressive than the rental companies themselves, but there are also more restrictions, so be sure your plans are 100 percent firm.

Also keep in mind that rental rates can change multiple times a day. What may look like a great rate today can turn out to be overpriced tomorrow. Savvy renters have learned to let AutoSlash search for the lowest rate and then track your price automatically. If you're locked into a prepaid rate, then you will miss out on potential savings if rates drop after you book.

The bottom line? We rarely find that prepayment is a good deal unless you're booking last minute. So long as you have not yet paid for your rental, AutoSlash can usually find a better deal through price drops. Click here to get a free quote now.


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