Earlier this year, our blog covered Jucy USA campervans on a trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco (well, Oakland), suffering intense inland heat (105 in May!) after multiple mudslides closed Pacific Coast Highway. That trip involved a temporary relocation special, where the company was offering $1 per day rates to transfer vehicles between those stations. It was a new experience to have a vehicle designed to also be accommodations, and those of our team with wanderlust are enchanted by the concept of getting off the beaten path and having the opportunity to quickly "camp". The company is offering a post-Christmas flash sale for trips in January and February 2018 by entering code XMAS50 on their home page between now and December 29, 2017. Visitors to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or San Francisco can visit regional National Parks, National Forests, and National Wildlife Refuges without worrying about a rental car, buying camping supplies, or paying for hotels!

Most e-mails we get about vehicles aren't informative!

The offer includes kitchen kits, bedding kits, and 100 miles per day of the RV rental and the 50% off is truly 50% off the base rate of the rental, as verified with quick checks for Las Vegas area rentals.

Before the XMAS50 code

After the XMAS50 code

Four nights of being out and about with housing for as low as $132 ($120 plus 10% taxes/administrative fees)? Our team loves that idea but before making any action, there are a number of considerations for potential Jucy campers.

  • The taxes and fees are only 10% because the vehicle is not a rental car, it's a campervan/RV. While the vehicle can be driven by those holding a standard driver's license, personal insurance policies and rental car coverage from credit cards are unlikely to protect a user in a campervan/RV. Insurance coverage is one of many potential add-ons offered by the company, at any extra cost (of course). 
  • One hundred miles a day may not seem like much of a limitation until planning a route, especially those who have eclectic taste! The company offers options to pay for more miles (of course).
  • The campervan doesn't provide the right to camp anywhere -- as noted in our previous blog post, we encountered 8-hour restrictions at California rest stops and a large number of California municipalities ban camping in the RV haven of the rest of the United States, Wal-Mart parking lots. 
  • We roasted in our spring inland California rental. However, this promotion only covers winter (January and February) and the area around Las Vegas does have weather that approximates winter. The company does offer winter weather gear, at an additional cost (of course).
  • In the examples we priced, the Trailblazer (sleeps 4) was $1 more per day than the Wavefarer (sleeps 2). We like the Trailblazer even if traveling alone, as the bed "upstairs" is much more comfortable (although traversing the ladder isn't always fun); the bed downstairs is really the folded-out row of passenger seating!

Interested in Jucy USA's offer? Act fast, as it expires Friday!

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