Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Our blog has previously channeled the fantastic Johnny Lee and his hit song "Lookin' for Love", specifically the part "in all the wrong places". The previous incident involved a renter giving a young lady a ride to the local Super 8, then getting his rental stolen when the young lady goes out to acquire some marijuana. More recently, a lady decided to revise Enterprise's tagline -- rather than "We'll pick you up", she decided "I will try my pickup lines". She ended up in the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center in Columbia, South Carolina. How did her pickup attempt go so horribly awry?

Johnny Lee (again) did much better than our protagonist.

According to news sources out of Columbia, Kanisha Anne Shani Wall apparently fancied someone working at the Enterprise on Greystone Boulevard in Columbus. She ended up being arrested by North Region and Fugitive Team officers at home after her visit to the local Enterprise for charges related to Sex Crimes / Indecent Exposure.

During the stop at Enterprise, she walked up to the victim and told him "he knows he wants her". Rather forward but breaking no laws thus far. She then went around the counter to the victim, pulled down her jeans and "started shaking her fully exposed buttocks". She then went outside, pulled up her shirt, and pressed her breasts against the window. And being a local Enterprise, there were employees and customers present. So Ms. Wall went to jail, Enterprise added her to the "Do Not Rent list", and the victim is probably seeking a restraining order. And while the reason for her buttocks display wasn't a gunshot wound during the war, we do have another pop culture reference in mind.

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