Super 8 Sign

The crime blotter includes many individuals who make bad life choices in rental cars. The latest disaster comes from the Cleveland area, where a gentleman with a vehicle described as a rental 2016 Jeep Comanche met a young woman. We have to assume that the report from was incorrect, as there were no 2016 Jeep Comanches. However, that doesn't detract from the story ... the short, predictable, and not-so-sweet love story that eventually involves drugs, like most "bad life choices meets a rental car" stories.

The young woman asked the gentleman for a ride and they proceeded from the gas station to the Super 8. The Super 8 at Orange Place is located directly off Chagrin Boulevard (no, we're not making that up). The news report doesn't fill in the details as to why the Super 8 was necessary but it's not too hard to imagine part (or all) of the subtext. 

The ill-fated journey from the gas station to the Super 8.

Once at the Super 8, the young woman declared that she was going out to pick up some weed. Remember, this young woman had a declared "transportation need" upon meeting the gentleman at the gas station. And off goes the young woman to acquire said weed. Much to the gentleman's chagrin, the errand to pick up weed involved his new paramour taking the rental car, his wallet, and at least one credit card and not coming back ... 

As if the life lesson really needed to be stated, lasting love is unlikely to come from the person at a gas station who needs a ride and agrees upon a local Super 8 as part of the plan.

Johnny Lee did much better than our protagonist.

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