Our reviews of rental car company apps started with Hertz and now moves to the two other companies owned by Hertz Global Holdings, Dollar and Thrifty. This article will address Dollar and Thrifty's apps together for one simple reason. The apps are identical. The only differences are the color scheme and logos -- one company is ostensibly marketed toward renters who don't care about traditional rules of language such as capitalization or punctuation*  while the other has a more professional appearance and uses italics.

* We still have no idea why Dollar is lower case and has a period.

The downfall of having identical apps? In this case, they are identically bad. The Hertz app wasn't the greatest but it's clear that the parent company placed more effort in the development of the app intended for business travelers. We imagine the design requirements for the Dollar and Thrifty app were simple -- "make some rectangular buttons to click". 

Side-by-side view of the Dollar and Thrifty apps.

There's not much to this app -- there's the ability to make, change, and view reservations. We hope readers always use AutoSlash when making reservations, and reservations should already be changed through the same website as the original booking. 

Clicking on "General Policies" or "Privacy Policy" doesn't take a user to the general policies or the privacy policy; the buttons take a user to a mobile web page within the app, where a user has to scroll down to click on "General Policies" or "Privacy Policy" yet again.

It's a web page within an app that doesn't link to the requested content!

What are the other major failings? There are plenty!

Have any form of problem during a rental? The app's not going to help. While there's a generic toll-free number listed, the phone number isn't even a link.

Want to sign up for a Dollar Express or Thrifty Blue Chip account? The app's not going to help.

Want to check or update your Dollar Express or Thrifty Blue Chip profile? The app's not going to help.

The "My Profile" option is not connected to the loyalty program.

The "Find Me" locator option? The app's not going to help unless you want a red dot on a white screen.

I will find myself before Dollar or Thrifty find me.

What did the app get right?

Very little. The Location Lookup is great, with real-time autocomplete lookup based upon the characters typed.

The other fantastic feature is the "Deals" link, which shows active promotions with Dollar and Thrifty. Deals are easy to look up on Thrifty's traditional website but with Dollar's traditional website, one has to look up international deals location-by-location (e.g., by entering an airport code). However, the ease of finding these limited-time offers within these apps is of minimal use to AutoSlash users -- we already know about these Dollar and Thrifty offers and are searching them on your behalf! 

Our Take

If the app provided by the rental car company influences your choice of a rental car company, the Hertz app is far preferable to the Dollar and Thrifty app. It's hard to imagine that a company would make an app with no connection to the company's own loyalty program but Dollar/Thrifty managed to do so. Make a reservation with AutoSlash and use your Dollar Express or Thrifty Blue Chip number? Dollar and Thrifty's own apps will not know about the reservation unless the renter enters details manually. Frankly, a firm with the financial resources of Hertz Global Holdings (Dollar, Hertz, and Thrifty) should be able to develop a far more robust app! 


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