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The AutoSlash team has spent a lot of time in Lee County, Florida. My grandfather lived there late in his life and I can simply say I've seen "stuff" (much perpetuated by my own family) that has contributed to the "Florida Man" meme. In the AutoSlash blog, the previous record holder for "Most Florida Man" incident was the couple who blew up their rental car while operating the vehicle. Yet absurd behavior ignores gender boundaries and an inclusive story more sensational than MTV's "16 and Pregnant" series comes along -- the TCM / Lifetime exclusive "68 and Pregnant".

Joy Reiseman made the Fox4 Cape Coral newscast with her most recent arrest after drunkenly clearing TSA at the Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW). She got away with grabbing a TSA officer, yelling while in line, and declared that she was "old and pregnant". Fortunately, the "pregnant" part was untrue, as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a serious issue. Reiseman even made her way to an airport bar but the bar wouldn't serve her after a string of profanities. She was eventually arrested for "Disorderly Intoxication in a Public Place Causing a Disturbance" and was sent off to the Lee County Jail, where she was still residing more than a week later.

Question 1: How is this a rental car story? 

Thanks for asking! She cleared TSA drunk but left her rental car curbside. Running. With her laptop in the car and her belongings strewn along the sidewalk. Our team's been yelled at by airport police for far lesser transgressions! Somehow, she only picked up the "Disorderly Intoxication in a Public Place Causing a Disturbance" charge on that day -- the police were being exceptionally generous, given that an airport should have ample security footage of the car arriving curbside and the vehicle's operator ... Really, Lee County Port Authority Police? Did the car teleport to curbside? Think this one through!

Question 2: Why is she still in jail?

Reiseman was already facing trial for stealing a Coach purse and wallet, cell phone, and sunglasses in October 2017. The purse stolen included credit cards, one of which Ms. Reiseman happened to use at a neighborhood hotel (video cameras make identification easy). The judge didn't exactly fancy Reiseman being re-arrested so quickly and her bond on the initial case was revoked. 

And on a possibly-related note, an individual by the same name (Joy Reiseman) was present at another true "Florida man" event last month. While we do know the arrestee in that criminal case was from a neighboring county (Collier), the indictments in Monroe County are not yet publicly available; we can't definitively connect the dots of those participants (at least not yet).

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