In a previous blog post, we wrote about our rationale for not listing our personal vehicles on a peer-to-peer car sharing website like Turo. We love the concept of helping out neighbors when traditional rental vehicles aren't available and the concept of cash in pocket is also appreciated. We primarily worry about what would happen to our personal automobiles with the "yeah, I know how to drive a manual transmission ..." set, so we would need some form of inducement to list our cars on one of these platforms. Competitor Getaround is working on getting car owners to yes through a partnership with Virtuous Coffee.    

One can sip coffee while contemplating their car's adventures!

The offer is available through Getaround's Twitter feed; a vehicle owner can receive a coffee mug and pour-over dripper when listing a vehicle. The company doesn't describe how long a vehicle has to be listed (or any other terms and conditions -- we've asked but haven't received a reply) but if one was considering making their car available through Getaround or Turo, there's a modest inducement available. Who knows -- perhaps we'll join when the highways are restricted to automatic, self-driving cars. 


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