Jamie Lee Curtis

Almost everyone over a certain age remembers a pre-incarcerated O.J. Simpson as a spokesperson for Hertz in the 1970's through early 1990's. The ads were one of the first major product endorsements by a minority in the United States. Later on, Arnold Palmer was also a spokesperson for Hertz, from the early 1980's until shortly before his death. Do you remember when Arnie and O.J. starred together in Hertz commercials? And do you remember the third person in those commercials?

The actress delivering the "straight" lines was none other than Jamie Lee Curtis. While you won't see any Hertz references on her IMDB page today, there was an entire series of ads.


O.J. as the Assumed Best Pitch-man


Arnie and O.J. on a road-trip singalong


Arnie and O.J. as Uninformed Auto Enthusiasts

Fortunately, she wasn't coerced to use O.J's  awful "The Superstar in Rent-A-Car" tagline.

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