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Remember when ... a Sixt passenger had a nose-picking conundrum? The story starts with a young passenger who finds herself in a fine automobile. And that's a marketing point used by Sixt; one can either book (or get upgraded to) vehicles at Sixt that other companies don't even bother to list or possess in their fleets; I once booked a mid-size convertible in Fort Lauderdale and was offered a Chevy SS Convertible and Chris once hauled on the AutoBahn with a nice Mercedes-Benz. And a BMW was the subject of one (of many) Sixt commercials that could be said to have crossed the line of good taste (figuratively and, well ...).

Respect our automobiles!

We guess we can accept the point. If mom's bombing down the Strasse in a rental BMW 7-series (MSRP right around $90,000) and the child's sitting in the rear executive lounge, sometimes habit might cause said child to pick her nose. And after a few glances at mom, clothing, the Dakota Leather seating and Fineline wood trim, even a child realizes this isn't your standard Nissan Altima rental. And that leaves only a single option for the "proceeds" of said nose picking. While that moment in the commercial was a bit cringeworthy, it did insert a not-so-subtle reminder into our heads:

"Never reach between/under seats in our rentals!

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