Geo Metro

In the 1980's, there was substantial blowback against the rental car industry for not disclosing "per mile" fees. You see, most rentals had limited miles but that wasn't clearly disclosed on television commercials -- the fine print was hard to read before broadcasts on HD TV! While Hertz offered special unlimited mileage rates as early as 1971, Alamo Rent a Car made a marketing point of unlimited miles on (effectively) all rentals as early as 1990 with an asterisk, while some rentals (even today) come with mileage restrictions. Of course, our litigious society today means any mileage restrictions today are clearly disclosed before and after making a reservation and the majority of rentals now come with "unlimited mileage".

Our favorite part of these Alamo commercials in 1990? Describing the 3-cylinder (yes, three cylinder) Geo Metro as a fine General Motors automobile without any sense of irony!

Alamo wisely put these "fine" vehicles on the screen for less than half of the commercial's run time!

It was bad enough that Geo had separately decided to ruin our memories of "The King and I" and Julie Andrews with their introductory commercials. 

And yes, the car was so bad GM decided to namecheck Toyota and Honda for legitimacy.

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