Alamo April Fools

Remember when Alamo announced the ability to rent a monster truck at their locations? Unlike Sixt or even Dollar, Alamo doesn't pull off humor well. In fact, it seemed that some of the video participants weren't even trying. Perhaps Avis should have filmed this video instead; that company (sometimes) Tried Harder.

While monster trucks would be very different, Alamo doesn't get an "A" for effort. In fact, we would go for the other end of the scale ... But Alamo did put out this video and we try to include all of the major rental car companies in our looks down memory lane.

Driving a monster truck would be cool ...

That got us thinking ... Is there anywhere in the United States where one could actually drive a monster truck? The answer appears to be yes, with at least one location in Indiana! Sounds like we've decided on the next AutoSlash team building activity!


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* Monster trucks not included. 

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