Alamo Disney

Travelling to Florida or California to see the Mouse? There's still a high probability you're going to see a lot of Alamo advertising in the process of researching your trip, as Alamo has long been the Official Rental Car provider of both Walt Disney World (Florida) and Disneyland (California) since 2002, with the contract most recently renewed in 2010. And while the original official partnership started in 2002, Alamo had long been a major player in the Disney market due to their original market focus on Florida vacation destinations. Yet sponsorships require advertisements that benefit both sides of the equation, as this 15-year-old commercial demonstrates.  

Remember the non-descript turn-of-the-century Chevrolet Malibu? Here's a refresher, along with a reminder that it's possible to book a car through a travel agent! Although those who've visited Disney recently might appreciate the option of a child's "Character Breakfast" included in the rental car price.

The rental car is likely to be the cheapest part of the trip!

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