Avis It's Your Space Contest

The rental car companies' involvement in social media is a relatively recent phenomenon. Here at AutoSlash, we do interact with social media teams from time-to-time, primarily through Twitter! Some of the rental car companies have Twitter teams who are exceptionally responsive and empowered to help solve customer problems in real-time via Direct Message (DM).

Otherwise, we usually space out when reviewing the rental car companies' social media feeds, as there's only so much marketing materials (photos and meaningless awards) we want to review! Avis did create an exception to that rule in 2013.

Avis decided to seek customer engagement in 2013 with an "It's Your Space" Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter promotion. Of course, Avis came up with a marketing campaign and slogan that would have been much more appropriate for a MySpace tie-in. They were just about seven years too late for MySpace to be relevant.

The premise? Post a photo of yourself in or near an Avis rental car -- showing how the vehicle had been made "Your Space" -- and have a chance to win a new 2014 BMW 328i based on the company's subjective criteria (originality, quality, and relevance to the theme). A little more than four months after the promotion ended, Avis posted an image of the contest winner picking up their new ride.

Looking back on this Avis promotion, we have a bit of advice for Hertz Global Holdings, currently number three in the rankings behind Enterprise Holdings (1) and AvisBudget (2)? A promotional tie-in with Tesla. AutoSlash's Chris would be in the running given his sheer volume of rentals and he would share the proceeds!  

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