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Remember when ... Avis promised Rapid Return? The company has frequently been the first to come out with new creations in the rental car market and the kiosk had promise. Rather than waiting for an attendant to get out of a vehicle and walk to your rental car, a customer in 1983 could simply walk to a kiosk, enter the 6-digit rental car code, the odometer reading, and fuel level to get a print-out of charges ... as long as there wasn't any damage to the car or "misstatements" in the check-in process. 

Modern-day texters could achieve this return in a matter of seconds ...

Avis has consistently been an innovator in technology, and this add demonstrates ... something. The Rapid Return kiosk looked like the example of technology that harms humankind in a classic sci-fi film, was only for charge customers and was "as simple to use as a pocket calculator". The Rapid Return device would be easy to spot, given it's half the size of a Smart fortwo. But our favorite part of the commercial is at the very end. 

Most commercials of the era would state something such as "Avis Features Fine GM Cars like the Chevrolet Celebrity". Except someone at the ad agency had a conscience, so the small print left out any form of praise for the Chevrolet Celebrity. In fact, the small print isn't even grammatical.

"Avis Features GM Cars. Chevrolet Celebrity."

As our grandparents taught us, if you can't say anything nice, don't even bother with grammar. 

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