Twisted Sister

Ah, the mid-1980s -- AutoSlash founder Jonathan and I were likely out listening to hair metal bands such as Twisted Sister, largely due to the "awareness" created by Tipper Gore. Dee Snider of Twisted Sister even testified before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation about potential censorship in music (Tipper's husband Al served on the committee). And because of the parental advisory stickers that were the recording industry's response to the public outcry (and potential government censorship), multiple retailers stopped selling Twisted Sister's "Stay Hungry" album, which included hits such as We're Not Gonna Take It and I Wanna Rock

Time treated Twisted Sister comparatively well. Considered in some quarters to be one of the most offensive recording acts in 1985, the group was considered entirely mainstream two decades later. In fact, Avis even decided to use Twisted Sister in a 2007 advertisement. Noting an affiliation with Apple's iTunes, the commercial truly has to be one of the worst advertisements ever created by a major rental car company.

How did the Avis/iTunes partnership work? Avis awarded 5 free iTunes downloads on rentals of 1-4 days and 10 free downloads on rentals of 5 days or longer. Some would even claim that was a more valuable incentive than Avis' frequent renter program of the day!

How did the commercial work? It really didn't.

Avis should have told their ad agency to try harder.

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