Remember when ... the marketing of Avis was about 7-11? Not the convenience store chain that was founded in 1927 but a pricing scheme. In the late 1960's and early 1970's, the charges for rental cars were still largely based upon the number of miles driven -- in fact, that practice persisted into the 1990s! Avis had the idea to standardize pricing in almost every market under the easy-to-remember theme of 7-11 during their all Chrysler products, all the time phase. A rental car could be picked up without a reservation at $7 per day plus 11 cents per mile driven.

Given the minimum wage of the day was $1.60 an hour, this was a catchy slogan but no bargain! The marketing concept of 7-11 made television/radio ads as well as print ads; even 45 years ago, Avis was already excluding New York City from promotions

Of course, most marketers today would recommend accentuating one promotional offer at a time, not nine different offers as Avis published in early 1972. And as I learned in every economics class I took, TANSTAAFAL (There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Avis Lunch) whether in one of 13 "key cities" or not.  

Nine promotions at a time in May 1972 probably led to customer service headaches.


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