Crazy 8's

Remember when ... Avis went a bit crazy with 8s on weekends? The year was 1981 and the company was offering specials on their Chevrolet Chevettes, one of the cars that almost killed the American automotive industry. Rather than offering one straightforward promotion -- we really do miss Budget's $19.99 per day, any day Ford Rangers and Avis has a history of offering competing promotions -- there were three different offers at hand. And as they were all for the Chevrolet Chevette in an era where the minimum wage was $3.35 per hour, they were all bad "sales" by modern-day AutoSlash standards.  

Rates ran from $18.88 to $29.99 per day. Nine is less mystical, though.

As the year was 1981, we have no idea what the gentleman standing at the counter was typing on / poking! The $18.88 per day on weekend offer (pre-taxes, fees, and including no gas) at least included unlimited mileage - the $29.99 weekday and $119 weekly rates had limits of 100/miles per day (still common in the era). The Avis tagline of "Leave Your Worries Behind" was new for our team -- according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, that wordmark was first used by Avis in 1980, filed for protection in 1981 (the year of this advertisement) and abandoned by 1988, similar to their "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" wordmark more than a decade prior. 

Another slogan on the scrapheap of rental car history.

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