Vehicle Satellite

Remember when AvisBudget Group promised to offer satellite television in rental cars? No, we're not joking -- satellite television. AvisBudget has a history of innovation within the industry, albeit sometimes misguided! In January 2009, AvisBudget made an announcement that the company was going to offer satellite television as a back-seat option in some rental cars for the fee of $8.95 per day (or $62.95 per week) plus tax. While the image above is a bit of a joke, the planned offering was quite serious when it was first announced.

The service was to be provided by a new entity, AT&T CruiseCast, through a partnership with RaySat Broadcasting. The service promised 22 television channels and 20 satellite radio channels to passengers and was even hyped as a "Best of CES" finalist at the industry-wide 2009 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The hype and promise were short-lived, as it was definitely the wrong service at the wrong time. 

The antenna makes those roof-rack side rails on this SUV useless. 

The service cost $1,300 to install on each car and while the partnership was announced in January 2009, the service didn't officially start until June and was defunct by November. After that stinging failure, RaySat was acquired by Gilat Satellite Networks early the next year.

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