Remember When ... The Miller Lite debate was "Tastes Great" and "Less Filling"? The commercials initially started as friendly, refined interactions among characters who were seen as a bit less than refined, like this example between Dick Butkus and Bubba Smith.

An example of the friendly late-70's commercials.

Later, the Miller Lite commercials devolved into the more familiar "Tastes Great - Less Filling" argumentative commercials.

But how do these arguments relate to rental cars? Hertz decided to parody Miller Lite's schtick with O.J. Simpson and Arnold Palmer, with the dichotomy of "More Reliable" and "Less Money".

It's almost a shot-for-shot remake of the Miller commercial above. Oh, and stay tuned to the end for a surprise cameo:

Do you think Hertz ever regretted using a 1983 Ford Escort in an ad?

In today's world, we're not sure a rental company parodying a beer commercial would go very far...

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