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Remember when ... Bosley -- the television character, not the hair restoration company that sends me mail quarterly -- advertised for National Car Rental? In the late 1970s, David Doyle was well-known as John Bosley in the original Charlie's Angels television series, not the lesser-rated series reprise nor one of the subpar movies (2000 and 2003 with yet another remake starring Kristen Stewart scheduled for 2019). He also had an extensive history as an actor in commercials, including this 1978 National advertisement, where the major takeaway is the company's love of green.

Doyle as a hyperactive coach hypes up his National team. We're not sure National's ever had a 9-second reservation call; maybe 9 seconds before picking up the line but not nine seconds start-to-finish. And the 10-point maintenance checklist on their fleet of GM vehicles, signed by a technician, seems to be a point of pride but didn't have the endorsement of automotive royalty (Avis' systemwide checkout manual of the era did).


Trust us -- the checklists used by the rental car companies today have far more than 10 items! And when's the last time you call a rental car company to make a reservation? If you're looking for the lowest possible rate on your upcoming reservations, click below to request quotes and we'll send you the best possible offers within minutes! 

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