Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Did a rental car company, hotel, or airline ever offer a promotion that was so good you decided to sign up for their loyalty program? We know the answer for many AutoSlash users -- a major promotion is the best reason for signing up for a loyalty program!

In 2005, Budget (then part of Cendant) was rather creative on a promotion related to their RapidRez program. How was Budget trying to incentivize customers to get on the road and moving? The company didn't offer free rental days, discounts, or upgrades. The company offered coffee. Pounds and pounds of coffee.

Budget's great cross-marketing promotion was with Dunkin' Donuts, which was pushing an expansion from their home territory on the East Coast. Two rentals under a RapidRez account and Budget would send two pounds of coffee to one's home or office! AutoSlash founder Jonathan (New York) and I (Maryland) greatly appreciated the promotion, while Chris (West Coast) still doesn't "get" the concept of Dunkin'. 

Half of the AutoSlash team runs on Dunkin'.

This offer was ranked as the second-best Avis/Budget promotion by the caffeine-addicted AutoSlash team. Two pounds of Dunkin' coffee in 2005 was easily worth more than the cost of many weekend rentals at the time! Yet a stockpile of coffee at home can never compare to Avis/Budget deciding to give away free flights in 2008!

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