Remember when ... Budget thought an advertisement of two twin attorneys -- with one speaking in butchered legalese puns -- would be enjoyable television? Nothing shouts "fun" like a guy in a three-piece suit claiming that his "indisputably luxurious Lincoln" land yacht would be cheaper at most (but not all) participating airport locations than his identical twin's rental from Hertz in an ostensibly lesser (but likely more fuel efficient) car. It was a common rental car meme of the day -- everyone (Avis, Budget, National) had to compare themselves to market dominant Hertz. Yet we're always skeptical of comparisons without numbers.

We could have told the ad agency that an attorney theme would fall flat.

This advertisement left our team with two questions:

  • How did this commercial get a green light and funding?
  • What's the "more than just a car" we could get at Budget?

On second thought, we probably don't want to know ...

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