Chevy Chase

Remember when ... Dollar ads of the late-1990s included comedian Chevy Chase? The company -- founded in Los Angeles -- had the fast track in acquiring celebrities to participate in their ads. Leslie Nielsen had a series of humorous commercials for Dollar in the early 1990s. Chevy Chase's ad wasn't nearly as humorous at the other end of the decade.

Kissing llamas and flights to "Cincinnati" aren't funny.

There's a difference between quirky and funny. We guess that stopping to photograph llamas would be quirky. Our favorite parts of the commercial? Easily recognizing Los Angeles International Airport's (LAX's) Theme Building in the background of one shot and imagining our own runs in LAX's Terminal 2 decades ago. And given all the change that's occurred at LAX over the past two decades, the one airline that operates an LAX to Cincinnati non-stop flight (Delta) still operates out of Terminal 2.


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