Cutoff Saw

Remember when ... Dollar used a retired (at least, we hope retired) Eagle Vision to create a piggy bank in an ad? The commercial effectively turns the Eagle Vision into an Eagle bank (but not an FDIC-insured EagleBank or Eagle Bank), as our protagonist breaks out a cut-off machine with no visible safety equipment other than welder's safety glasses (which sounds like an awful lot of fun). Yet the fact that an Eagle Vision is being cut up in a Dollar advertisement itself reflects a lot about the transportation industry in the mid-1990s!

A cut-off machine could come in handy.

Why would Dollar be cutting up a clearly-identifiable Eagle Vision (including the logo) in this 1990s commercial? It was intentional cross-promotion at the time, when Eagle was owned by Chrysler and Chrysler also owned Dollar and Thrifty. Nothing screams "high-quality automobile" like the willingness to cut a misoriented sunroof in the roof panel when one clearly can't cut up a competitor's car to demonstrate savings.

Similarly, many younger drivers are probably asking "what's an Eagle?"; the days of AMC Jeep Eagle dealerships are long gone and there's always the ability for a different blog to write about Chrysler as the company where nameplates go just before automotive heaven (see AMC, DeSoto, Eagle, Imperial, Plymouth, Valiant ...). 

Of course, there's something more than a little off with Dollar's metaphor. If one is saving money, the funds shouldn't be deposited in the rental car. That's conceptually and visually the exact opposite of the intended advertising message, although the use of a cut-off machine really does sound enjoyable! And while we love the closing idea of ad hoc convertibles such as the one driven by Sheriff Buford T. Justice in 1977's Smokey and the Bandit, at least leave the A-pillar for safety. Otherwise, the vehicle's going to be limited to use in locales without fancy vehicle inspections! 


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