Enterprise Nascar

Remember when Enterprise Rent-A-Car was the official rental car company of NASCAR? No? It was a poorly activated major sponsorship in the new millennium and even many ardent NASCAR fans probably missed that tie-in! September 2005 saw the announcement of this partnership for business and leisure travelers. Race fans could even earn points toward rewards when they rented vehicles from Enterprise. The linkage was dissolved in 2008.

The listing of an Official Rental Car provider was tricky for an organization like NASCAR, as having a corporate-wide sponsor meant that team owners couldn't solicit sponsorship funds from the other rental car companies. And NASCAR has official sponsors in tons of categories -- there's even an Official Agriculture Equipment Provider -- so teams really have to scramble to get the funds needed to race each week. Once rental car companies were allowed to sponsor individual cars (starting in 2009), the team owners responded quickly. 

In racing, it's important for any car company -- whether manufacturer, a company that builds parts or a rental car company -- to be associated with a winner. Sponsors rarely want to be involved with teams finishing in the back of the field most weeks. The winner in the eyes of the rental car companies was Penske Racing. Penske signed a 2009 agreement with Avis, then switched companies in a 2013 agreement with Hertz for vehicles like this Ford of Joey Logano. Enterprise-owned Alamo has shown up on a few NASCAR Camping World Truck Series vehicles. We would wager to say that Hertz makes out far better on these team sponsorship dollars than Avis did and Alamo does!

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