Remember when ... Europcar made a mockumentary with their sponsored Premier League team Arsenal F.C.? Neither did we, as none of the AutoSlash team lives in the United Kingdom! However, we have been known to watch some Premier League matches and Europcar is a major global rental car company -- we don't want to get accused of "ignoring" Europcar in our blog despite our review of their loyalty program Europcar Privilege. So without further ado, here is Europcar's mockumentary video related to their Arsenal F.C. partnership.

Actual Arsenal players participated in the video.

Arsenal captain Per Mertesacker, midfielder Jack Wilshere, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (now with Liverpool F.C.) loaned their real likenesses to the commercial; they also allowed their facial features to be superimposed onto comedians who represent close (but imaginary) relatives. Per's "sister" Trudy relays how he became a soccer player (not a real profession) because of his incompetence as a baker. Jack's "crazy uncle" Kenny is a poet, philosopher, and plumber -- we caught the alliteration -- and was better than Arsenal legend Paul Merson on his tryout day (Merson was aged 5 and lacked ball control). Alex's "cousin" Darren (The Shrub) has interests, primarily plane spotting and is described as being closer to legendary comedian Denis Norden than retired Arsenal striker Dennis Bergkamp

While Europcar's 2014 advertisement was a tongue-in-cheek parody of willing participants, we can't help but wonder whether there would be complaints of "career shaming" if created today or modified for different markets ... We're just smart enough to know there are theories of multiple intelligences; none of us could never play for Arsenal but there are very precise capabilities needed to share the AutoSlash service!  


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