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Remember when… General Motors Owned Hertz?

Many renters probably knew that Hertz was owned by the Ford Motor Company from 1987 through 2005. Throughout the history of rental cars, auto manufacturers owning rental car companies has been a relatively common practice! Not only does the parent company get revenue for what are effectively test drives by car renters, the manufacturers always had an easy place to dump vehicles that weren't selling well!

Hertz has a far more complicated ownership history than most rental car firms. In addition to the ownership by Ford Motor Company, the company was owned (and mismanaged) by RCA from 1967 through 1985! United Airlines owned Hertz in the years between RCA and Ford Motor Company (1985- 1987) and even managed to make a profit on the sale.

Yet well before RCA, United Airlines, and Ford Motor Company, Hertz was owned by General Motors! The company that became "Hertz" was an early purchase for General Motors all the way back in 1925. While we doubt any current AutoSlash user remembers that day in 1925, we bet there are more than a few readers today who remember when Hertz provided their family the consistent ability to rent the large Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, or Oldsmobile car of one's choice.

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