Hertz Smart Businesswoman

Popular cliche would have us look back at the 1950s as a time when women stayed home and dreamed of shiny new toasters and vacuum cleaners. Not so. This Hertz ad from that decade targets the traveling businesswoman. The come-on? Rental car rates as low as $6/day! (plus 8 cents per mile, of course.)

Adjusted for inflation, that works out to about $48/day and 63 cents per mile. Back then, that included all gas and insurance -- try getting that deal next time you rent a car.

By the 1950s, Hertz was in 550 cities throughout the world, including Havana and Port-au-Prince. Today, they're still in Port-au-Prince, but not so much Havana, for obvious reasons. Overall, Hertz has over 8,100 locations in more than 145 countries -- they are the world's largest car rental brand, based on revenue. This ad references 8,600 cars in their fleet; today the fleet numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

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