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Remember when ... it was impossible to rent a car with unlimited mileage? In fact, the most common practice for the first five decades of the rental car industry was to charge a base rate and per mile driven. Although the practice of charging per mile hasn't disappeared entirely -- especially in hard-to-reach regions of the Mountain West United States and Canada -- we're glad to see that unlimited mileage is much more common today.

In the early 1970s, Hertz began to offer rentals with "Pay Nothing Per Miles Rates" at many (but not all) of their locations. Of course, there were restrictions -- the program wasn't available at all location, there was an upcharge for the privilege, the rental had to be four days or more, and the rental had to be returned to the same location as pickup. One-way rentals, like REM's Driver 8, were still a ways away.  

Book the proper rates at Hertz in 1971 and that's Where All the Miles Were Free.*

In the late 1980s, Alamo would pick up on unlimited mileage with their "Where All the Miles Are Free" campaign.

* Don't worry -- Alamo's servicemark of "Where All the Miles Are Free" was canceled in 2009.

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