Hertz Pickup

Even today, a television viewer may well hear the commercial tagline "Pick Enterprise. We'll Pick You Up." Do you remember when other rental car companies (namely Hertz) advertised the same?

Corporations are very passionate about defending their intellectual property and there's been a history of multiple companies attempting to use close variants of Enterprise's tagline. A search of the United States Patent and Trademark Office shows much of the battle over "We'll Pick You Up".

Enterprise initially filed a 1995 trademark request on "Pick Enterprise. We'll Pick You Up." Although the commercial tagline was first used in 1994, it feels as if Enterprise has been using the line forever!

In January 1996, Discount Car & Truck Rentals tried to usurp Enterprise's line by attempting to register "We'll Pick You Up" as a trademark, leading to a response from Enterprise the next month. Enterprise won the trademark battle and still holds the trademark to "We'll Pick You Up".

Hertz decided to forgo the trademark application route, simply using the phrase "We'll Pick You Up" without any copyright protection despite Enterprise's trademark applications. Enterprise was not amused and Hertz stopped using the phrase after a 1998 lawsuit.

Advantage Car Rental, not learning from Discount's or Hertz's failures, then made the strategically poor move of trying to trademark the phrase "We'll Even Pick You Up" in 1999. Predictably, Enterprise won that trademark as effectively the same as "We'll Pick You Up".

However, the encroachment by other rental car companies did lead Enterprise to take one more preemptive strike. Enterprise decided to cover their bases in Spanish as well, seeking a trademark for "Elige Enterprise. Nosotros te Recogemos."

Although Enterprise is well known for the tagline, they are not the only company that offers pickup service today. In addition to Enterprise offering the service at their neighborhood locations with some restrictions, Hertz does still offer a pickup service and even some Budget locations offer the same. In all cases where the pickup service is available, renters are required to arrange and confirm the pick-up service in advance. The pickup service also requires going back to the rental car office to sign the rental car contract.

And while some savvy renters might consider arranging a pickup from an airport to avoid the myriad taxes and fees imposed by airport authorities and governments, the rental car pickup services never retrieve renters from airports due to the contractual concession agreements on airport rentals.

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