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Remember when ... National Car Rental promised one-way rentals would only be $10 more expensive per day than a local rental and come with unlimited mileage? In 1983, both of these concepts -- $10 additional per day for one-way rentals and unlimited mileage -- were innovative ideas! We wish that one-way rental rates were so predictable today; with limited exceptions, one-way rentals today are often 2 to 4 times more expensive than local rentals. What happened if National charged more than $10 additional per day? A $50 certificate toward a future rental, which makes us wonder why there needed to be a $50 customer recovery certificate if the rates were truly always $10 more per day ...

We guess that's just one example of an occasion when the customer was expected to catch rental agents behaving badly. Ready for a sad trombone, a bad version of I'm Sorry, and a reminder that a 1983 Buick Regal was once considered a star within rental car fleets?

A lot of money today, $390 was a lot more in 1983!

AutoSlash users never have to worry about confusion with one-way rentals as our quotes return the lowest possible total rates -- no surprises. The total rate we quote include any fees related to one-way rentals (when applicable).


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