S&H Green Stamps Sign

Remember when National Car Rental offered S&H Green Stamps? If you're younger than a certain age (Generation Y or younger), you might even be asking "what were S&H Green Stamps"?

This classic 1980 ad tells a lot about rental car history, both good and bad.

  • The mechanical checklist at National was a mere 13 items (bad).
  • The toll-free phone number for National -- 1 (800) 328-4567 -- still goes to National after almost four decades (nice).
  • National offered cars such as the Chevrolet Citation, one of the most recalled cars in automotive history (bad).

National also was paying attention to loyalty programs; in fact, National would be the first rental car company to create their own loyalty program 7 years later. But in the  early 1980s, National was offering S&H Green Stamps on every U.S. rental instead of their own loyalty points. What were Green Stamps? S&H introduced one of the first programs to reward customer loyalty and these stamps were available from many retailers. A user collecting enough Green Stamps from various retailers could redeem for merchandise from a catalog; my uncle (a long-distance trucker) brought back envelopes of these stamps that became gifts in our family!  

Have some Green Stamps hidden in a closet? Those can't help with a rental car today but we can! Click below to request a quote now -- you'll even be able to earn credits in National's Emerald Club program if you rent from participating Enterprise or National locations!


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