Rich Little for Thrifty

Remember when ... celebrity impressionist Rich Little was a spokesman (or more accurately, impersonating many spokesmen) on behalf of Thrifty? We remember him from Thrifty ads, plus ads for ACE Hardware, Coleco, Diet 7-Up, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Little Debbie, Ore-Ida ... Rich Little was clearly in demand for commercials in the 1980s! In fact, he still tours and performs to this day, with many of his well-known impressions being public figures of a bygone era.

It's probably comedy sacrilege but even now, we don't think all of his impressions are great -- they are better than ours, but "impressionist" wasn't among any of our career paths! Yet some of his impressions are just fantastic. Over a series of ads for Thrifty, Little was George Burns (our favorite impression), Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, Marlon Brando, Clint Eastwood, Cary Grant, Jackie Gleason and himself.

We can refuse Thrifty's offers when competitors have better deals!

The Chrysler New Yorker Landau, a (regrettable) extension of the K-car era!

Little's still around and will turn 80 in November; Eastwood and Kissinger are also around and active. It's remarkable to be working (and relevant) when most individuals in any industry are long since retired!

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