Remember when … the late Hervé Villechaize ("Tattoo" from Fantasy Island) was a spokesperson for Budget Rent A Car? When Budget Rent A Car was still the official car rental partner of Sears? When Sears was still a viable corporation? When rental car choice was effectively limited to the 1983 Mercury Lynx ($30 a day) and the 1983 Lincoln Town Car ($40 a day)? When Mercury was still an automotive nameplate? The world was very different in 1983 ...

This commercial is truly a gift that takes the oldest members of the AutoSlash team back to elementary and middle school - the youngest members of our team weren't even born yet!

In an era before strong rental car competition (and well before AutoSlash), $30 a day – more than a full day’s pay at the minimum wage of $3.35 an hour – was the norm for a basic rental car. Given inflation, that $30 per day in 1983 equates to almost $75 in 2017.

Yet nearly 35 years later, AutoSlash routinely helps customers find rates below $30 a day! And trust us, today’s cars are all better than a 1983 Mercury Lynx!

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