National Car Rental Field

Although the 2017-2018 NFL season just ended for every team, sports fans in eastern Missouri might want to skip this post ...

In October 2015, Enterprise Holdings proudly announced that their subsidiary National Car Rental would have the naming rights for a 20-year period on a proposed new football stadium in St. Louis, Missouri. The deal was designed to provide $158 million to the stadium / NFL team over a period of 20 years, with renderings from the architects as to how the stadium would appear adorned with National signage

There was one major problem -- the owner of the NFL team wasn't on board with the new proposed stadium (at all). Two months and 12 days later, the St. Louis Rams played their last home game in St. Louis and a month after that final game, team owner Stan Kroenke received permission to move the team from St. Louis back to Los Angeles (where the team had been located from 1946 through 1994).

For hometown rental car company Enterprise -- which is still headquartered in St. Louis -- this was a substantial blow. Enterprise had found that their National customers were effectively the perfect tie-in for an NFL team, and the Taylor family (owners of Enterprise) wanted to help keep an NFL team in St. Louis:

"The frequent renters who make up National Car Rental’s target customer base index (are) more than 30 points above average for their interest in the NFL. They are also more likely than average consumers to tune into high-profile sporting events. And, from a demographic standpoint, National customers and NFL fans are nearly identical. The NFL is a proven high-value marketing partner that will help National Car Rental drive higher levels of brand awareness and consideration."

With the move of the Rams to Los Angeles, we all have lost out on the ability to ever see a "National Car Rental Field".

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