Jimmy McMillan

Remember when ... Jimmy McMillan represented "The Rent is Too Damn High" party in New York politics? He was even parodied on Saturday Night Live in 2010. Well, Sixt -- known for advertising that can be best described as "edgy" and "innovative" -- brought him back in 2016. The purpose of the campaign introduced the week before the General Election was to "Make Car Rental Great Again". We kid you not.

Sixt placed a disclaimer on their ad campaign:

Sixt does not endorse nor represent any political party. The statements and opinions expressed by the actors in the above film or elsewhere do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sixt.

And that's clearly true. Sixt threw shade at competitors using themes of each major candidate

Affordable Car Act reform.

Jimmy chose his alignment.

There are some companies (Payless) we really wished would feel the burn.

Sixt would succeed here without their excessive fees.

We're fine with deleting e-mails from all the rental car companies!

There were even a long-form video and a downloadable rap song.

"S-I-X-T now on the scene"

Want to see the promotional page Sixt created? Just head over to www.sixt.com/damncheap.


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