Flintstones Car

Remember when ... Thrifty Car Rental channeled The Flintstones for a commercial? Not during the era of the fantastic cartoon (the early-to-mid 1960s) but the era of the horrendous movie starring John Goodman (1994), the same year that the sitcom about Dinosaurs came to an end. What was wrong with 1994? That's a good question to ask, whether talking about the movie, sitcom, or Thrifty's commercial of a caveman who rented the earliest wheel, passes a "pay phone" directly from the Flintstones, and encounters road hazards such as turtles.

This commercial would probably be considered non-PC today.

Oh, the 1994 Plymouth Acclaim, one of the many cars from that era less stylish than the caveman's unicycle. It's the car those without drawing skills (many of our team included) sketch in profile view from age 3 through the remainder of life; eight straight lines and two circles for wheels. Really -- take a sheet of paper and sketch the side view of a 4-door sedan using eight straight lines. And we only joke about the poor (but sturdy) Acclaim because our team has (of course) owned the vehicle and/or very close variants ...


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