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Remember when ... Thrifty promoted their website by mocking daft airplane boarders? Those of us who prefer aisle seats have all been the victim of the spatially-unaware customers who swing body parts and belongings into passengers who are already seated. Early in the current millennium, Thrifty wanted us to believe these individuals were "not smart" because "smart" was defined as using Thrifty's website.

The nightmare for those with aisle preferences.

A lot has changed since this commercial aired more than a decade ago. The advent of AutoSlash means using Thrifty's website is likely to result in higher rates (and not be very "smart")! The commercial's backpacker would likely be charged a massive fee for the oversized item plus the duffel bag, especially on a discounter like Spirit Airlines (that's not a Little Black Backpack). And the legroom depicted in the commercial bears no relationship with reality -- when's the last time a person with a middle or window seat could simply walk by a seated adult in the aisle seat! This was apparently the super version of American Airlines' (failed) More Room Throughout Coach initiative.

What hasn't changed much? The Thrifty website! Or the individual who fastidiously looks under the overhead bins for row numbers, sits in the wrong row anyway, realizes the error, and only picks up the backpack (but not the duffel bag) when changing seats ... By Thrifty's logic, that person probably isn't smart enough to use AutoSlash!

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