Tilden While none of the AutoSlash team was yet out of elementary school at the time of this ad, it had to be hard to beat 1 cent (Canadian) specials. By 1954, there were 100 Tilden locations throughout Canada. Tilden was acquired by National – and National was acquired by Enterprise – but it’s still possible to see some “National Tilden” signage!

Despite being around for more than 70 years, Tilden was (and still is) largely known for two legal incidents:

  • Tilden vs. Clendenning (1978), where a Canadian judge ruled that a contract agreement about insurance was too difficult for a user to understand -- Clendenning had wrecked a car while impaired by alcohol but still won a lawsuit for the accident to be covered by insurance.
  • Multiple lawsuits arising from a May 1991 accident between a gas tanker and a Tilden rental car that resulted in multiple deaths and extensive property damage in the Bronx (New York). Tilden had more assets than the gas tanker company and sold out to National due to potential liability.
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