Routlette Wheel

Casinos are infamous for drawing in patrons by plying them with free drinks, comped hotel rooms, and free gambling "lessons."

But this generosity isn't coming from the bottom of their heart. It's coming from the bottom of their wallet! Remember: the house always wins.

Our rental car analytics experts at AutoSlash have found that the rental car titans aren't much different from the big casinos. Those coupon and discount codes? They draw you in. But do you really save money? Not much. At the very least, the rental car companies know that they'll make more money from you than than the discount they offered.

Did we just ruin your day? Allow us to redeem ourselves!

Just like the MIT students in Bringing Down the House,who made a fortune counting cards, AutoSlash has figured out how to beat the rental car game. We'd like to think we're more above board than the MIT students who actually - admittedly - were breaking the rules. But the metaphor stands, nonetheless.

Some folks will luck out in rental car discount code roulette, finding that precious discount code hidden deep in the web that actually returns the lowest rate, but it's unlikely that any one person can scour the entire internet to find the best possible discount code or catch every dip in price. Even if you could, who's got time for that?

Enter: AutoSlash! Our advanced algorithms scour through all possible discount and coupon codes to find the ones that yield the absolute lowest price, and we catch price changes like a cat on a mouse! Since rental car reservations typically don't require a credit card, we can rebook you an unlimited number of times. You just have to sit back and watch the price of your rental fall! (We'll send you friendly emails when we nab a lower price, which is sure to make your day).

As you can imagine, the casinos aren't big fans of those who figure out how to win at blackjack, and the car rental companies have similar sentiments about cracking the code to the car rental game. Remember, they're counting on you getting a few dollars off your rental, not the absolute rock-bottom best price. Every. Single. Time. With AutoSlash working for you though, that's exactly what you get.

Some of the success stories from AutoSlash are unbelievable. Consider (seriously, true story, we swear) a renter in Orlando who got her week-long rental for $223 slashed first to $187, then $171, and ultimately all the way down to $97. That's her total rate with all the taxes! (And yes, your chances of getting that same 57% discount--or better--are better than winning the jackpot.)

Moral of the story: Never book a car rental without AutoSlash!

Important: We are very invested in doing the right thing and following the "rules of the road" at AutoSlash. We are simply using the coupon and discount codes and dips in price that the car companies publish. We just watch them and grab them! Remember: don't hate the player, hate the game!

See for yourself how we can help you save money on your rental--for free! No catches, no gotchas, or obligations.

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