NOTE: This post refers to a promotion that ended on September 30, 2017.

Here at AutoSlash, we like cheap travel. We're experts at finding the cheapest possible paid rates for rental cars and we also focus on leveraging out frequent traveler points for free trips. Despite having the blessing of frequent travel, we would love to win a free luxury trip one day. Silvercar was offering a truly luxurious trip in a promotion that expired on Labor Day. Frontier Airlines and their car rental partner AvisBudget Group are offering an anti-luxurious trip in a contest ending on September 30. Although the contest provides airfare and a rental car, the flyer would still be paying (in multiple senses of the word) to take the trip. 

Nothing says thoughtful promotion like a single Facebook post.

Four free tickets sound great, right? Well, we're talking about Frontier Airlines, an ULCC (Ultra-Low Cost Carrier) with seats smaller and less comfortable than a metal folding chair and a seat pitch (distance from a point on one seat to the same point one row away) of as little as 28 inches. A multi-hour flight on Frontier and one's rear end will be paying. And as Frontier is an ULCC, there are charges for seat assignments, luggage (including carry-ons), and drinks on board. None of those are included in the four "free" tickets, so one metaphorically and literally pays for the free flights.

All air travel is subject to all applicable travel restrictions, blackout dates and fare restrictions.  All expenses and baggage and seat fees and incidental travel needs, including but not limited to, meals, lodging, personal charges at lodging, security fees, taxes, or other expenses or incidentals are the responsibility solely of winner.

Willing to put up with Frontier knowing they fly places like Cabo San Lucas? That's all fine and good but the seven free rental days at Budget are only valid in the U.S. and Canada (except the New York Metro area). The rental days are valid for compact through premium cars and for standard SUVs, much more useful than most free day certificates our team encounters. But of course, taxes, fees, and additional/optional services selected by the renter are not included in those free rental days. 

What are the odds of winning? Not great but not zero -- again, the promotion is only advertised on Frontier's Facebook page and shared by Budget on Facebook. Given I occasionally fly Frontier anyway when the pre-tax rate is effectively $0 and have a frequent flyer balance with the airline, I've registered for the promotion. Although some members of our AutoSlash team routinely avoid Frontier, there's no doubt in my mind we could find a worthwhile destination for four tickets!


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