NOTE: This post refers to a promotion that ended on September 30, 2017.
Plenti Card

Every day at AutoSlash, we focus on finding the lowest possible rates on rental cars and helping consumers minimize the fees for additional/optional services the rental car companies offer such as additional drivers and child safety seats. Yet there's one expense we all encounter during our rentals unless paying considerable cash to rent one of the few Nissan Leaf orTesla Model S vehicles in selected rental car fleets -- fuel. It's hard to get discounts paying for fuel when traveling (fuel points promotions through grocery stores are usually regional). We've spent so many years helping customers save on rental cars that we don't want to pay full price for anything, including fuel. That's why the Plenti / ExxonMobil / SpeedPass+ offer valid for the remainder of September 2017 caught our attention.

A $20 rebate for fuel we're going to purchase anyway? Why not.

What is Plenti?

Plenti is a loyalty program operated by American Express but allows earning points from over 900 disparate companies such as ExxonMobil, AT&T, Chili's, Expedia, Hulu, Macy's, Nationwide Insurance, and Rite Aid. All of the points go into a single account and can be redeemed at a smaller subset of the partners -- ExxonMobil is also one of the locations where these points can be redeemed.

What is ExxonMobil?

The 10th largest company in the world by revenue. In the Plenti program, the default rebate at ExxonMobil is usually a paltry 1 point (or 1 cent) per gallon of fuel

What is SpeedPass+?

SpeedPass+ is ExxonMobil's way of paying for gas at an eligible station using a mobile device, using the camera in a smartphone to scan a QR code. That scan activates the pump where the user is standing. The common fear that it's unsafe to use cell phones while at a gas pump? False, according to Snopes.

How does the promotion work?

Earning the 20,000 bonus Plenti points requires three fill-ups of 10 gallons or more between now and September 30, 2017, at eligible SpeedPass+ locations with a credit card linked to the SpeedPass+ app (ExxonMobil warns that debit cards may not record transactions properly). The 20,000 bonus Plenti points are indeed bonus points, in addition to the points earned through the fuel purchases themselves. I linked a credit card that offers bonus points at gas stations; the transaction posted on my credit card statement as if I had swiped my card at the pump. 

The one proviso on Step 4? Ensure that the station accepts SpeedPass+ (through the app) before stopping.

Our Take

Does it feel odd to use an app on a cellphone to scan a QR code on a gas pump? Of course it does. There's also a bit of work required to set up the app. Yet for those of us doing business in regions where ExxonMobil stations are competitively-priced, we're more than happy to spend a few minutes to earn $20 extra toward a future fuel purchase after 3 fill-ups of 10 gallons!


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