Hotel Door

Our team travels a lot and there are times where rental cars don't quite meet our needs. In those cases, we're much more likely to use a ride-hailing service like Lyft or Uber instead of a cab. And any time we use those ride-hailing services, we're certain to maximize the benefits we get from their partners. Starting in 2015, a partnership between Starwood Preferred Guest and Uber allowed riders to earn hotel points on every trip. It was a pretty good deal but, as the maxim goes, all good things come to an end.  

Hotel points while ride-hailing will be missed.

SPG and Uber Partnership

After a recent revision, the SPG and Uber partnership gave registered individuals who had already completed an SPG stay in the calendar year the opportunity to earn more SPG points on every Uber trip:

  • 1 SPG point for each $2 spent on Uber when not staying at an SPG hotel
  • 2 SPG points for each $1 spent on Uber when staying at an SPG hotel

SPG points are fairly valuable, as they can be used for hotel stays or flexibly exchanged for frequent flyer miles -- earning a few hundred bonus SPG points while on a trip was a nice side benefit. And that benefit continues uninterrupted until December 17, 2017.

Changes are Afoot

A lot has changed in the travel industry recently. Marriott and Starwood Hotels have merged, and Marriott had no existing partnership with Uber. Uber developed a partnership with American Express for their Platinum cardholders and then agreed with Barclays to issue a co-branded Uber credit card. And in the new landscape, the SPG and Uber partnership no longer was no longer tenable. Yet that doesn't mean that all opportunities with Uber are eliminated.

In addition to the benefits for American Express Platinum cardholders and the upcoming credit card (a new door opening), Uber users still have other means of getting a financial benefit from their rides. Uber frequently shows in iBotta as an earning partner ($1 per ride) and those near Sears and KMart locations can still earn Shop Your Way Points (in combination) on each Uber fare. Want to learn more? We talk about those options (and more) in our article about discounts and loyalty points one can earn when using Uber and Lyft


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