National Emerald Executive

We're fans of National's Emerald Club, one of the rental car programs where -- at participating major airports -- members can skip the counter, walk to an aisle of cars, select their preferred vehicle among the available selection, and leave. The Emerald Club offering even allows customers to earn free days and is strengthened even further by the perennial One Two Free Promotion, which allows customers to earn bonus free days. Every member of our team is a member of National's Emerald Club program and we do a little internal "happy dance" when National happens to be the cheapest option for our personal rentals. And yet there are indeed tiers to the Emerald Club that unlock additional benefits. Those "Executive" tiers can be unlocked by at least 12 rentals (or 40 rentals days) each calendar year, as a benefit of certain premium credit cards, or via a status match for those renters who have top-tier statuses in other travel programs.  

Look inside your One Two Free dashboard and there's a message about matching one's status in other travel programs to the Executive Tier at National. We've seen this identical offer in the past offered to specific corporate clients but unlike many blogs, we don't post about opportunities where eligibility is restricted by the terms and conditions. The National status match offer is for elite membership in another rental car, airline, or hotel program (not just rental competitors). If you've proven that you're a road-warrior, National wants to give you Executive (or Executive Elite) status in the Emerald Club, simply by attaching (or faxing) proof.

An opportunity for advanced standing? We would take advantage!

Why is Executive status important when anyone who's a member can select from the Emerald Aisle? Executive (and Executive Elite) status aren't just for show -- Executive members are guaranteed an upgrade to a full-size car and have an expanded selection of vehicles (the Emerald Aisle plus the Executive Aisle). Executive and Executive Elite members also earn award days more quickly. Further, Executive Elite members have guaranteed vehicle availability (with 24 hour notice) and no restrictions on the car type that can be reserved with a free rental day -- as our team's Executive Elite member, my ability to book a free award day when an airport is completely sold out has come in handy over the years! 

The Executive Tiers -- especially Executive Elite -- aren't just for show.

Rent from National? You should be a member of Emerald Club. Have top-tier status from another rental car company, airline, or hotel program but lack Executive/Executive Elite status? This is an opportunity to pursue before your next National rental. After all, the terms and conditions from National Car Rental state that a match approved today would be valid until the end of February 2020!

Terms and Conditions from National:

Emerald Club Status Match Terms and Conditions:

A status match will be granted upon review and approval to members with valid elite status in their selected approved program. Matched status is valid through February 28 of the second calendar year following the member’s status match approval. To maintain matched status, member must meet the standard qualifications as follows: for Executive status 12-24 rentals or 40-84 rental days in the full calendar year following status match; for Executive Elite status 25 or more rentals or 85 or more rental days in the full calendar year following status match.


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