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We've completed our reviews of the apps of all of the Hertz Global Holding companies (Hertz, plus Dollar/Thrifty) and AvisBudget Group (Avis, Budget, and Payless), so now it's time to start with Enterprise Holdings (Alamo, National, and Enterprise). Our first app review for Enterprise Holdings is the one for Alamo, as it's the not too dissimilar than the most-recent review of Payless. One of our favorite James Taylor songs is Mexico (and unlike the lyrics, we have really been). What has us talking 'bout in Mexico?

You sound so simple I just got to go.

The Alamo App

The first key there's something going on is the information screen before downloading the Alamo app. Unlike every other legitimate rental car app, the publisher isn't listed as the rental car company.It's instead written by Solemti SA de CV (a custom app developer), uses the Alamo marks, and invites one to "Book your car for your trip in Alamo through your Android smartphone". Always nice to have a grammatical error on the app's page. And it's not a curiosity the app only has 10,000+ downloads yet a savage 1.9 rating.

Most parts of the acceptance screen seem legitimate.

You see, Alamo doesn't have a global app, so the Alamo locations in Mexico decided to have a firm develop their own. And as the Mexican locations paid for the app, the only functionality is for Mexican locations. Almost 70% of reviewers give the app 1-star (horrendous), while the next most common rating is 5-star (fantastic)! If your expectations are low and you're in Mexico, this might appear to be a 5-star app but we could never envision such. 

So there's not much to see here. The app is valid for "More than 40 locations in Mexico", a tiny sliver of the total global locations of the Alamo brand. As we can't provide a recommendation for an app that covers fewer than 5% of a brand's global location, the "Alamo" (MX) app simply reports in as "present for a single country". And it's almost 2018.

Our Take

¿Vivo en Mexico, necesita un coche de alquiler del local y entender esta oración? Esta aplicación es para ti.

Only have a vague idea of the two sentences above or completely lost? Stay away, but always remember one thing -- this app still ranks above Payless'.


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