Enterprise Plus

We've written about Enterprise Plus in the past, the loyalty program of the largest rental car company in the world. As one of the revenue-based loyalty programs, Enterprise Plus participants ordinarily earn one point per dollar spent on their base rental rate. The Enterprise Plus points can be redeemed for rentals at Enterprise with a scale starting at 400 points, with no blackout dates. The math's pretty easy with Enterprise Plus; the program's designed to require $400 in spend at eligible Enterprise or National locations to even have a chance at a free rental day. Curious how many points are really required for a rental? Read on!

Enterprise adopted the philosophy that if points are earned based on the amount spent, then the points needed for a redemption should also be based upon the price of the rental car being booked. The points can be used for any available vehicle at Enterprise for a round-trip rental -- National locations and one-way rentals are forbidden. Even the most exotic car on the rental car low is available if one has enough points. More expensive redemption opportunities simply require more points. 

Here at AutoSlash, we're really not fond of the revenue-based programs like Enterprise Plus. We focus on finding the lowest possible rates for rental cars, so it's comparatively hard to earn Enterprise Plus points! The one exception is the annual fall and winter promotion (see details from last year's Plus Your Points).  Otherwise, a participant in the Enterprise Plus program would be looking at a minimum spend of $400 in rental cars before earning enough points for a $19.99 rental day! By contrast, National's Emerald Club program -- which is based upon rental credits rather than the amount spent -- can be far more lucrative for eligible Enterprise and National rentals. 

Enterprise Plus Your Points is one timeframe to consider earning Enterprise Plus points.

Yet we always encourage customers to participate in some rental car company's loyalty program and for every point that's acquired, we're interested in helping you burn those points! Like other basic loyalty programs offered by the rental car companies, Enterprise Plus has no membership fee, so points toward (eventually) eliminating the cost of rentals are always desirable! As we're wont to say, a free day from the rental car companies is one of the few things better than the discounted rates we find on your behalf.

The Enterprise Plus Award Chart

Enterprise Plus doesn't have an award chart. The program doesn't really need an award chart. Enterprise Plus points are worth close to 5 cents each when the base rental cost is over $20 per day. When the base rental rate is below $20 per day, 400 points are required per day (whether the rate is a $9.99 promotion or a $19.99 sale). When the base rental rate is more than $20 per day, Enterprise's algorithms may round the number of points required for the rental up or down to the nearest numbers divisible by 50. Over hundreds of tests, we saw examples such as a $31.10 rate being converted to 600 points for a free day, while a $30.34 rate required marginally more points (650). Even these anomalies followed the practice of the server arbitrarily rounding up or down to a nearby amount of points divisible by 50.

But there are Anomalies

We didn't encounter any anomalies in the points required for rentals until getting into really expensive rental car redemptions. And when we say really expensive, we mean really expensive. Once the base per-day rate for the rental was over $120 and the points required exceeded 2,400 per day, there were examples where some award redemptions were pricing at 100-150 more points than would be anticipated. However, those are exceptional edge cases; we hope our blog readers avoid situations where a rental of over $120 pre-tax, per day (whether paid or an award) is truly needed!

Our Take

We encourage renters to participate in the loyalty programs offered by their preferred rental car companies, with the exception of the pathetic Payless' Perks program. Enterprise Plus isn't the most rewarding program but a renter effectively receives a 5% rebate for future rentals, based upon the Enterprise and National rentals credited to the program. And even though AutoSlash can't help travelers book free rental days*, we want you to burn them if you got them! Various members of our team carry modest balances in Enterprise Plus -- largely through the Plus Your Points promotion -- but you can be assured that we'll use them for a free rental day the first opportunity we get!

* Well, free means "almost free" -- while the base rate might be set to zero, there will still be the taxes and fees imposed by the municipality.

Users interested in booking an award with Enterprise Plus points can compare cash and award prices by logging into the homepage of Enterprise.com.

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