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Previously, our app series covered the apps of Hertz Global Holdings. Sister companies Dollar and Thrifty had identical apps that were effectively useless. Hertz had a slightly more functional app but it was clearly not a "good" app. Avis shows the rental car industry how to create an app! As Avis declares they (to their knowledge) introduced the rental car app, they had an extensive head-start! Always known for trying new technology and currently taking the lead on rolling-out connected vehicles, Avis has looked at the entire technology cycle. And the Avis app performs exceptionally well.

The Pre-Rental Experience

We hope that you don't need the Avis app pre-rental! Unlike Dollar and Thrifty's combined app, a reservation that you make through AutoSlash with your Avis Preferred number would be available once logging into the app! Renters who start with us know that we'll search the best possible discount codes. But Avis' app does shine in the pre-rental experience. The home screen is slick and the options to enter booking details and search locations allow entering a lot of details on a simple-to-use interface.

The imagery is clearly that of a rental car company.

All of the details of a renter can be entered on a single screen.

Not sure of the precise rental location? The location search function has smart-search features.

Rolling toward Pickup

The pickup experience is where the Avis app truly shines. The app offers options (at major locations) to not only see one's assigned car but also to manage exchanges from within the application. On my most recent rental, I realized my assigned car was a connected car! While still on the shuttle, I could see where the car was parked and that it had precisely 12.5 gallons of fuel in the tank. Other features from the app? I could lock and unlock the car, plus also flash the lights to locate the vehicle.

Except for the "Chevrolet Cruze", I liked everything I saw.

There was also an option to "Upgrade" the vehicle and AutoSlash founder Jonathan was paying for the upgrade. Given the status levels the AutoSlash team holds in the Hertz Gold Plus and National Emerald Club programs, we're not accustomed to driving intermediate cars like the Chevrolet Cruze! We book intermediates and drive something larger and/or "different", not the pickup trucks often available in the Avis Preferred Select and Go Aisles. I was given the option in the app of upgrading to a Ford Fusion hybrid for $1 more per day (reasonable) or a Volkswagen Passat for $52 more per day (entirely unreasonable). Instead, I went to the Avis Preferred booth and "negotiated" an upgrade to a BMW 330i.

Avis defines "perfect" differently than the rest of us. On a $14 rental, I'm clearly not springing $52 to upgrade to a Passat!

On Rent and After Return

Have a problem during rental? The phone numbers in the Avis app are integrated with the phone dialer system (rather than text one has to copy and paste). Wondering how close (or far away) you might be from your next rental? The lookup with Avis Preferred Points allows one to see the balance, update a profile, view terms and conditions, and even view a tutorial of the Avis Preferred program. 

Help is always just two clicks away.

Avis Preferred customers want to know where they stand.

Our Take

If the quality of an app plays into the decision-making of a renter, then the Avis app is among those at the top of the heap. It's unimaginable that companies like Dollar and Thrifty could create apps without linkages to the loyalty program but they have; the most frequent customers of those chains have to undertake extra steps to see a reservation attached to their loyalty account! Avis bucks the trend by providing exceptional options such as car upgrades and integration with their "connected" cars to provide ease of rental. Avis (and a few more companies to come) provide apps that truly reflect that the rental car industry is a market competing for billions of dollars in revenue.


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